Soft permeable pipe active catchment properties

Release date£º2015-12-24

The higher the anti erosion ability, experiments show that soft permeable pipe immersion solution at a certain concentration of no abnormal change. Economic good durability, comprehensive price function, flexible permeable tube economy and the working life is much better than other traditional drainage materials, transportation and installation cost is low, the weight is light, package volume, convenient transportation and installation, save hoisting cost. Super filtration function, coherent permeability and filtration, the water for water purification, to avoid the loss of subgrade soil particles, also really custody not because of soil flow blocked exempt the maintenance costs, so that the drainage is life extension. To adapt to different rock paving, soft permeable pipe structure can be bent, can adapt to the uneven surface of rock excavation. High carbon steel support ring after rust coated with a layer of PVC and permeable material node as a whole, with flat enough compressive ability and can prevent the inverted tube. High tensile strength, transverse and longitudinal tensile strength, can withstand soil pressure and sliding. Simple construction and convenient construction: as long as the tiger pliers, art knife and nylon rope can be construction, do not need other complex tools. Active water collecting functional principle will soil water like, such as sponges squeeze water inhalation to hollow tube body, known as permeable, catchment. A full range of permeability effect of the tube body aches are permeable material, no dead impervious and pervious area full range. Lasted a year to subgrade deformation, good pavement structure, no crack of concrete plate, filler plump, rain days without water phenomenon, sunny dry pavement, neat, groundwater to pavement seepage, pavement service performance good.