Quilting sewing cotton control technology

Release date£º2015-12-24

The future development direction of computer quilting sewing cotton will be special quilting machines and special embroidery machines, the ultimate realization of the intelligent, disposable complete cotton, cloth feeding, filling, edge folding, cutting edge process of complete production line. The development of China's computerized quilting machine, production began in the last century in the early 1990s. In the late 1990s thrown the computer multi needle quilting machine, surplus RTI company development of Fuyi computerized quilting machine is domestic first with independent intellectual property rights of the quilting machine control system, is the true meaning of the industry control machine. In a short span of two years developed shuttle multi needle, needle shuttleless, single needle hook, multi needle hook and other four major categories of 16 types of electronic control system. Take shielding, thermal design and accurate wiring to achieve industrial environmental electromagnetic compatibility. At the same time, its technological progress and development is expected to also quite fast.

Summary of current situation

The development trend of quilting Technology

2004 earnings RTI company launched the "Fu Yi" V3000 series computer quilting and embroidery control system, the system set of quilting and embroidery in one, the main characteristics is: the framework of &nbspX/Y full servo drive technology, electronic disc industry control computer, large LCD touch screen operation interface, support a variety of high-end computer quilting machine and all kinds of high-end computer embroidery machine.

Features 4, in the control system software, for software defect inherent nature, the environment makes a mistake of complexity, in the software design also took a series of preventive measures, and in the quilting process, real-time monitoring of actuator, eliminate interference factors caused by misoperation, the system reliable performance. Entrance control system computer quilting machine quality is not chaos, the failure rate is low, but the price is expensive, and inconvenient maintenance and parts replacement.

Fu Yi series computer quilting control system and machine products, many users through the long-term use of that system is not chaos, the product function advanced and powerful, with technology and technical standards of quilting processing industry and lead the future development direction at home and abroad and the other using AC servo motor or stepper motor of the same computer quilting control system and the product comparison, Fu Yi special power, each with Richpeace computer quilting quilting machine control system at least annually users can save electricity more than 10000 degrees, which is produced in the whole life cycle of quilting machine, light, electricity is basically a user can recover all the to invest in the purchase of equipment whole computer quilting machine.

Characteristic 2, in the spindle system control technology, according to the actual spindle load, belt transmission principle, quilting needle speed and quilting stitch and many parameters, reasonable selection of spindle drive motor, spindle acceleration calculation, optimization design of spindle drive instruction speed control curve, to ensure that the sewing quality and sewing production, the overall design of the progress of the spindle system development technology level, inverter with induction motors driving the spindle, so as to improve the index of the whole functions of spindle system. Its technical characteristics are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Hub technology computer quilting control system and the corresponding linkage control technology for saddletree and Laura, Richpeace computer quilting machine is developed in the light of overseas foundation to improve the predecessors on the electronic quilting machine series, it adopts multi CPU parallel processing technology, data processing and transmission of the quilting machine, greatly improved the mechanical work the traditional way of special inverter, solves the saddle control, roller control and spindle control technology to realize automation of quilting hub, quilted product production process, with fault tolerant function, automatic parking break function, thermal protection, automatic detection and protection system and strong self diagnostic ability, also has parameter setting, coloratura governance and other 5 categories of more than 40 kinds of functions, with many enterprises of various multi needle quilting machine, multi needle quilting shuttle Non bobbin quilting machine, multi needle rotating shuttle quilting machine and single head bobbin quilting machine of new machine suitable to the urgent needs of the distribution and the old machine transformation and quilting. Also computer quilting machine, quilting embroidery machine will also with the remote control of the production process combined implementation of the quilting industry design and production automation, management information and process control intelligent.