How to use the soft water pipe?

Release date£º2015-12-24

In areas with high rainfall, water-proof dykes and dams, protective slope engineering, on the one hand, by the impact of embankment slope) in water, infiltration, on the other hand, under the influence of embankment slope surface precipitation, resulting in dam, slope protection in the soil bearing capacity and soil between viscous efforts to reduce, embankment slope gravity extrusion in the water and foundation of water gradually increased, by a long time accumulation within the embankment slope along a certain direction produces a large pore, with pore size increased gradually, finally caused the collapse, the dike, which is often said that the piping phenomenon. Di (PO) in weight and basic internal water in soil layer under the action of pressure into the flexible permeable pipe and take the lead, so that the embankment slope within the wilderness free water pressure reduce, long time to maintain the inherent structure of the earth interior, increase the embankment slope stability.
1 interception and lead to rain water seepage, excluding the dam, slope protection and other projects of the dead weight of the water and the foundation of the water, in order to increase the stability of the project.
In the practical engineering application, according to the engineering condition and the design requirements, the comprehensive consideration of the dual relationship of drainage and filtration can fully reflect the unique role of the water seepage pipe.
When the construction of the above case there is a large rainfall, it is difficult to remove the deposit of sewage. In the short term is difficult to make the project the normal use of the water for a long time will cause soil erosion, uneven surface. Because these projects of water will has a lot of residue and lime, prone to tube resistance with traditional drainage pipe, and not to waste treatment, resulting in environmental pollution. If the subgrade or foundation buried in nonwoven geotextile and flexible permeable pipe will have good effect on Subgrade maintenance.
2. In the frost and the saline alkali area can be cut off capillary water rise, thereby reducing the underground water level, up anti freezing and anti salt alkalization, improvement of saline and alkaline land, waste water pool trowel.
3 agricultural irrigation, industrial waste water treatment projects and mineral collection of water removal project. Application of nonwovens flexible permeable pipe filter water, diversion of double effect, can completely after primary treatment of sewage were excluded.
4 airport, stadium, garbage, leisure venues and the surface of the artificial fill project, foundation drainage.
5 isolation and drainage of railway, highway and tunnel subgrade.
Railway, highway and tunnel can withstand the general flow of the impact, but in the rainy season, the long-term water immersion, gravel road will slip and gradually sinking, although soil giving exhibition with the formation of stable interface of water cut, but not exclude subgrade system internally stored a lot of water, difficult to desired consequences. The use of non woven artificial soft permeable pipe will completely solve this problem. In this project using non-woven soft pervious pipe can be directly lead water, even if precipitation in a long time, the surface is not damaged.