Current situation and trend of the mainstream technology of non woven fabrics in China

Release date£º2015-12-24

The city is increasing constantly, and people pay more attention to the safety of more and more strong, many enterprises in the high-altitude operation, for aerial work platform has become one of the most frequently used way, however, this kind of demand or something in recent years, relatively speaking, China aerial work platform enterprise than other machinery industry started late a lot. In terms of value, scale and yield are very weak, with the rapid development of Internet plus the aerial work platform will appear brand enterprises.
In developed countries, such as Europe and the United States and Japan, aerial platform leasing is a relatively mature industry, and in China, is an early stage of development. Some companies in Europe and America began to target China's potential market, they either cooperate with Chinese enterprises, or directly in the Chinese factory, some large domestic enterprises have begun to set foot in the industry. China's aerial work platform market holdings is relatively small, the current total estimate is about 20 thousand units, the manufacturing plant is mainly small and medium enterprises, and even a lot of small and micro enterprises.
Famous foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises, domestic professional high-altitude platform companies are actively seeking development. This kind of competition is the competition of technology, but also the competition of the brand. A company in the demolition of the chimney, new process, for safety, originally planned to take aerial work platform equipment. Finally, because of the cost budget, and some technological problems, give up the aerial work platform equipment, the reason, in domestic aerial work platform services is also a lack of flexibility, did not reach the popularity of industry, and in technology tend to some popular work industry, if the aerial work platform to break the technical barriers, all the work high above the ground can application, then relatively speaking, the market is more promising.
Some aerial work platform also actively to the force, however, because the industry mainly to small businesses and due to the asymmetry of information, many enterprises not find the user, however, the Internet has changed the all this. Promotion through the Internet platform, many companies began to focus on brand building, this is a new market, who was the first to enter, who will occupy the initiative!"
Compared to aerial work platform, although the late start, but in the final analysis is the mechanical industry, for some of the need for transformation of the enterprises, involved in the industry is not a too difficult things, at this time, the industry needs to be more brand, a brand can be at the low end of the competitive market for a relatively reasonable price of the order, and the developed regions, China's aerial work platform products still exist the following problems: one is the product structure is relatively backward. At present, China's high altitude car is still dominated by folding arm, while the foreign developed areas in order to better performance of the telescopic boom and hybrid arm. Two is the lack of small products and large operating height products.
How to break Bureau, on the one hand to the relevant departments to develop a high level of product standards, national compulsory standard GB25849-2010 "mobile elevating work platforms - Design and calculation, safety requirements and test methods, such as, to promote China's aerial work products and technological progress have to positive guidance and oversight role. On the other hand, between the industry self-discipline, although Internet platform is a development of the industry the opportunity, for the enterprise, publicity and promotion don't exaggerate, steady progress, R & D and self-sufficiency, in order to continuously for market demand!