"Cloth" can raise shrimp?

Release date£º2015-12-24

Not long ago, Zhejiang province Shaoxing County Fisheries Technology Extension Station will be a batch of cloth in a shrimp pond in Tao yan. What is the matter? Can also be used to support the shrimp?
It turned out that this is not an ordinary cloth, but "artificial grass". It is a common producer Paojiang traditional textile enterprises. Allegedly, artificial grass surface look indistinguishable from ordinary non-woven fabric, made by special technology, used in shrimp, crab, soft shelled turtle aquaculture, with water remediation, improve the quality such as shrimp, crab. According to its manufacturer, the artificial water last year, has been in Jiangsu, Yancheng, Shanghai part of the aquaculture field trial, the effect is very good.
According to the Shaoxing County Fisheries Technology Extension Station deputy stationmaster Judy introduced. Last year they had from Hangzhou purchased a batch of imports from the United States "akeman", namely "artificial grass". After use, the effect is very good, but too expensive, a square to 500 yuan, and later found in the Shaoxing also produce, and the price is to much cheaper, tried a number, "effect to shrimp harvest to test, but anyway. This is a direction." He said, "artificial water" can play a role, mainly is conducive to the implantation of beneficial microorganisms breeding, these micro-organisms decomposition of water rich nutrients, can reduce the pollution of water.
Application of this principle, Shaoxing river pollution control of the river also used the artificial water". City Water Conservancy Bureau in the management of water pollution in the river water, in about 200 meters of water use the artificial water".