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No. Name of project site Application range Specifications Number m2
1 Dongying Shandong reservoir Seepage prevention of dam Two cloth one film 15 million
2 Shengli Oil Field Reservoir Impervious bed 250g/0.3mm/300g 15 million
3 Taizhou River Project Slope protection treatment 250g geotechnical cloth 90 million
4 New Huai Expressway Soft foundation treatment 300g geotechnical cloth 30 million
5 Huaijiang highway Soft foundation treatment 300g geotechnical cloth 25 million
6 National headquarters, Ministry of water
resources allocation specified
Anti leakage flood 200g geotechnical cloth 50 million
7 Yangtze Estuary Deepwater Channel Regulation Composite seepage control Woven, woven, composite fabric 20 million
8 Xi'an Weihe pumping irrigation project Anti leakage 100g/0.2mm 10 million
9 Ning Lian Expressway Soft foundation treatment Filament cloth 30 million
10 Huaihe estuary project Slope protection seepage prevention Filament cloth 25 million
11 Ningbo Taizhou Wenzhou Expressway Tunnel seepage control Composite earthwork cloth 20 million
12 Jiujiang Jiangxi project Anti seepage treatment Filament cloth 3 million
13 Shaanxi West Tunnel seepage control Composite earthwork cloth 15 million
14 Liaocheng Shandong power plant Anti seepage treatment Two cloth one film 3 million
15 Songhua River Dike Seepage Slope protection seepage prevention Two cloth one film 3 million
16 Yangzhou ancient canal treatment Slope protection 300g geotechnical cloth 10 million

Performance of geotechnical engineering and composite geotechnical membrane

No. Name of project site Number(million m2) Specifications Application range
1 Shandong aluminum plant 7.2 400gX4.5mX100m Wei Kuang Library
2 Guizhou aluminum plant 13.5 400gX4mX100m Wei Kuang Library
3 Fushun aluminum plant 7 400gX4.5mX100m Wei Kuang Library
4 Sanmenxia aluminum plant 6 400gX4mX100m Wei Kuang Library
5 Guangzhou metro line two 30 400gX2.05mX50m Tunnel treatment
6 Baiyun airport runway project 21.5 300gX4.5mX150m Pavement treatment
7 First phase project of Nansha port 15 350gX4m Soft foundation treatment
8 Beihai power station 9 A2900/0.55mX39.4m Ash field
9 LanXing golf project 15 300gX5m Ground treatment
10 Nanjing golf project 12 300gX5m Ground treatment
11 West Island Project 6 300gX5m Anti seepage treatment
12 Nansha Wharf 8 200gX4m Blow filling process
13 Ash field of Wuxiang Yangzhou power plant 3 900gX6mX50m Ash field
14 Wu nine railway project 6 750gX3m Subgrade treatment
15 Wu nine railway project 10 650gX3m Subgrade treatment
16 Wu nine railway project 18 400gX3m Subgrade treatment
17 The Nanning Kunming Railway 10 800gX4m Subgrade treatment
18 The Nanning Kunming Railway 7.5 700gX4m Subgrade treatment
19 The Nanning Kunming Railway 13 400gX4m Subgrade treatment
20 The Shanghai Nanjing high-speed railway 42 400gX5m Subgrade treatment
21 South River Embankment Engineering 60 200gX5m Subgrade treatment
22 Nanjing power plant 35 400gX4m Ash field
23 Jiaozuo power plant 8 400gX4m Ash field
24 Xuchang thermal power plant 6 400gX4m Ash field
25 Yongan thermal power plant 7 400gX4m Ash field
26 Weihe Shaanxi project 15 400gX4m Anti seepage treatment