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Product characteristics:

1: unique structure, high strength, compression and impact resistance; the inner wall is smooth, small frictional resistance, large flow, convenient connection, good sealing, no leakage;

2: light weight, fast construction, low operating costs, reduce costs;

3: polyethylene is a hydrocarbon polymer, molecular polarity, acid and alkali corrosion; buried service life of more than fifty years; raw materials for green environmental protection material, non-toxic, non corrosive, non fouling, recycling and reuse;

4: wide applicable temperature range, 60 degrees Celsius in the environment of pipeline rupture, the highest temperature is 60 DEG C transport medium;

5: good transfer rapid crack resistance, high stress and anti cracking ability and low scratch sensitivity;

6: high toughness pipe, elongation at break of more than 500%, the pipe base is not uniform settlement of strong adaptability, good soil condition without foundation.

Scope of application:

1 municipal engineering rainwater, sewage discharge

2 industrial wastewater discharge, residential drainage works

3 salt transportation, fishery water transfer

4 agricultural irrigation

5 water conservancy project

6 ventilation system

7 cable, cable sheath

8 mine ventilation and drainage works