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Geotechnical cloth

Product introduction

The product has excellent permeability, filtration, durability, widely used in railway, highway, sports hall, dams, water conservancy construction, tunnel, coastal beach, reclamation, environmental protection and other engineering. The main products are short fiber needle punched nonwoven geotextile polyester anti adhesive filament geotextile, weave with reinforced geotextile, woven composite geotechnical cloth.

Product function

By using the good air permeability of the soil, the water flow can pass through, so as to effectively retain the sand.

The geotechnical cloth has good water conductivity, which can form a drainage channel in the soil body, and discharge the excess liquid in the soil structure.

In order to improve the stability of the building structure, the tensile strength and the deformation resistance of the soil body are enhanced by using the geotechnical cloth to improve the stability of the building structure.

The effective concentration of the stress diffusion, transfer or decomposition, to prevent the soil from being destroyed by external forces.

To prevent the upper and lower layers of sand, soil and concrete mixed.

The mesh is not easy to be blocked

Due to the formation of the reticular formation of adventitious fibrous tissue, there should be the degeneration and movement of the reticular formation.

High water permeability

Under the pressure of earthwork, still can maintain good water permeability

Corrosion resistance

With polypropylene or polyester fiber as raw material, acid and alkali resistance, no corrosion, no moth, antioxidant

Simple construction

Light weight, easy to use, simple construction