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Compound geomembrane

Product introduction

Polyethylene composite geo membrane products are mainly used in civil engineering, dams, reservoirs, roads, railways, construction and industrial pollution waste, waste water treatment and other purposes. The product is made of non-woven fabric, with a single layer or multi-layer plastic film with different types of plastic film composite. The main products are: a cloth a film (PE), two cloth a film (PE).

Product features

As a protective layer of the PE film, the substitute of the soil fabric can not be damaged by the protective film, and the gradation requirement of the cushion layer is reduced.

The friction coefficient is increased to prevent the cover slip.

Mechanical strength such as tensile, tearing, breaking puncture and so on.

Have a certain amount of deformation, strong strain.

The pore pressure and buoyancy of the contact surface between the soil and the soil is easy to dissipate.

Width, reduce project cost, shorten the construction period.

Can adapt to all kinds of environment and temperature.

Anti aging performance is good.

Corrosion resistance, non-toxic.