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Earth mat

1, geotechnical mat is a floss melting shop network and the new geotechnical synthetic material, it high pressure, hole density, with comprehensive watershed, a horizontal drainage function.

2, geotechnical mat and non woven geotextile composite, beneath the buried closed cover layer, will bring together the infiltration of covering soil layer of rain or yard itself discharge sewage, by using its unique drainage function, in accordance with the requirements of the project from the geotechnical mat layer orderly emissions, without the formation of clogging. Therefore, it is possible to avoid the possibility of the sliding problem due to the saturation of soil water.

3, the soil mat can not only drainage, but also can discharge the soil (especially waste) in the fermentation of biogas produced in the landfill, especially applicable to the application.

4, the mat and HDPE combination of the application, and can play a very good role in protecting the HDPE film is not the role of puncture.

5. The specifications and performance of the mat is cm 100cm-200, the thickness is 6cm-20cm, the compressive strength is kPa 80~500. And other specifications can be customized according to the engineering requirements and performance of the product.