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Soft water pipe

Flexible permeable hose is a with filter down through the (row) on the role of water pipe. It overcomes the disadvantages of other drainage pipes, due to its unique product design principle and constituent materials of excellent performance, exclusive, water seepage effect strong, using "capillary" and the phenomenon of the "siphon" principle, water absorption, waterproof and drainage for coherent, with to meet the engineering design requirements of pressure resistance and permeability and filtration effect. Not because of geological and geographical changes in temperature, and can achieve the effect of discharge of clean water, the environment will not cause two pollution, is a new type of environmentally friendly products. Because of its construction is simple, no joint, no special requirements on the geological, terrain, any need to use the dark drainage of the place can be used as a.

Has 1) pore diameter is small, a full range of permeable, osmotic good; 2) compressive resistance, high tensile strength, long service life; 3) corrosion resistance and anti microbial corrosion; 4) good continuity, less joint, convenient to connect; 5), light weight, convenient construction; 6) soft texture, and soil with good.

Mainly applies to: of retaining wall on the north side of the vertical and horizontal drainage; 2) highway, railway subgrade, shoulder, soft soil foundation drainage; 3) tunnel, underground drainage; 4) power ash dam and water dam drainage; 5) highway central isolation belt drainage and protection of vegetation; 6) drainage outdoor sports venues; 7) horizontal drill drain air; 8) easily collapses slippery slope drainage; 9 roof garden and flower terraces and drainage; 10) hillside land soil and water conservation; 11) underground drainage engineering preparation; 12) low-lying land drainage and transformation of saline and alkaline land system.

Product specifications of soft water pipe

Specifications Diameter of steel
wire mm
Spring steel wire spacing
(number / meter)
internal diamete
r mm
Standard length
Filter cloth
Nylon line
RPS-50 1.8 50-55 48-50 150-450 0.1-0.38 300-1200
RPS-80 2.5 35-40 78-50 50-100 0.1-0.38 300-1200
RPS-100 3 30-35 98-100 50-100 0.1-0.38 300-1200
RPS-150 3.5 20-25 148-150 6-10 0.1-0.38 300-1200
RPS-200 4.5 19-19 198-200 6-10 0.1-0.38 300-1200