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One way grid

Uniaxial plastic geogrid is a polymer as the main raw material, adding certain anti UV, anti aging agent, after uniaxial tensile the original scattered distribution of chain shaped molecules reorientation are arranged in a linear state, the pressure into a sheet by extrusion and then washed in the pore network rules, ran after the longitudinal tensile and high strength soil materials. In this process, the polymer is made into a directional linear state and forms a long elliptical mesh structure with uniform distribution and high strength. This structure has a very high tensile strength and tensile modulus, tensile strength reached 100-200Mpa, close to the level of low carbon steel, greatly superior to the traditional or existing reinforced materials, especially our company this kind of product has a super international level of the early high elongation in 2% - 5% of the tensile strength and tensile modulus. To provide the ideal force of the soil and the spread of the chain system. The tensile strength of the product (> 150Mpa), to adapt to a variety of soils, is currently widely used reinforcement reinforcement materials.

Unidirectional earthwork grid application:

1, one-way geotechnical grille for reinforcing soft soil foundation: Geogrid can rapidly increase the bearing capacity of the foundation, development of settlement control, the confinement effect of the side of the road base can effectively will distribute the load over a wider base, thereby reducing the thickness of the grass-roots, reduce project cost, shorten the construction period, prolong the service life.

2, one-way geotechnical grille for reinforced concrete or asphalt pavement: laid geogrid in asphalt or cement shop bottom layer, can reduce the rutting depth, prolong pavement fatigue life, can also reduce the thickness of asphalt or cement pavement, in order to save costs.

3, one-way geotechnical grille for reinforced embankment road Ka slope and retaining wall: traditional embankment, especially in high embankment filling often require extra fill and the shoulder edge is not easy to compaction, resulting in slope late rain soaked raided and collapse instability phenomena occur from time to time, also need to use a gentle slope, covers an area of large, retaining wall also has the same problem by geogrid embankment slope or retaining wall reinforcement can reduce a half covers an area of, to extend the service life, reduce the cost of 20 - 50%.

4, one-way geotechnical grille for strengthening River seawall: made of stone cage, and grille and use, prevent the dam was washed away by the sea resulting in the collapse of, stone cage is permeable, mitigate the impact of the waves, to extend the dam life, save manpower and material resources, shorten the construction period.

5, one-way geotechnical grille for treatment of landfill: combined with geogrid with other soil synthetic material used in treating landfill can effectively solve the uneven settlement of foundation, derivative gas emissions and other issues and can maximally improve landfill storage capacity.

6, one-way geotechnical grille for special purposes: anti low temperature resistance. Lianyi anti low temperature geogrid, after - 45 DEG C - - 50 DEG C repeated thermal cycling 200 times, each performance index meets the requirements and has been test of the Qinghai Tibet railway, applicable to the northern ice permafrost and ice rich permafrost, ice rich permafrost adverse geological.