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Two way grid

Bi directional plastic geo grid is formed by extruding, forming plate and punching process through extrusion, forming plate and punching process. The material in the longitudinal and transverse has great tensile strength, the structure in the soil can also provide a more effective force to bear and spread of the ideal chain system, the adaptation in large area of permanent load bearing foundation reinforcement.


Biaxially oriented plastic geogrid application in embankment and subgrade fill strong, slope protection, wall reinforcement, large airports, parking field, dock yard and other permanent load bearing foundation reinforcement.

1 bi directional geotechnical grille is used to increase the bearing capacity of the road (ground) base, and the service life of the Yan Changlu foundation.

2 two-way geotechnical grille used to prevent road (ground) surface collapse or crack, keep the ground beautiful and tidy.

3 two-way geotechnical grille for construction convenient, time saving, labor saving, shorten the construction period, reduce maintenance costs.

4 two-way geotechnical grille used to prevent cracks in the culvert.

5 bidirectional geogrid reinforced soil slope to prevent soil erosion.

6 two-way geotechnical grille used to reduce the thickness of the cushion, saving cost.

7 bidirectional geogrid for stability of slope greening environment support grass mat.

8 two-way geotechnical grid can replace the metal net, used in underground mine.