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With grouting pipe seal

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With grouting pipe seal

First, product features

The bentonite absorbent rubber putty and grouting pre grouting pipe joint part of the system to be made one. In this product, once the leakage demand of the joint occurs, it is to select the proper size of the grouting to block the water.

Two, the scope of use

This product is particularly applicable to concrete structures in which the thickness of the limited wall joints it can replace 2 or more in the joint seal. Suitable for tunnel and other projects.

No. Project Parameter
1 Anti water pressure ability£¨Mpa£© £¾2.5
2 Time in static water swelling 100% (H) 48
3 Water swelling in still water (£¥) £¾200
4 Density£¨g/cm2£© £¾1.3
5 High temperature resistance £¨¡æ£© 80
6 Low temperature resistance £¨¡æ£© -20
7 Tensile strength (Mpa) £¾0.1
8 Extending rate£¨£¥£© £¾200
9 Water resistance (soak 24H) No fragments of the overall expansion
10 Water soluble matter£¨£¥£© £¼2