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Water swelling strip

First, the role of the waterstop and use scope

Sealing strip is the use of rubber high elasticity and compression deformation characteristics, under various loads generate elastic deformation, so as to effectively fasten and seal, to prevent the leakage of construction seepage and cushioning. In the architectural design of the larger project in general, due to the inability of continuous casting, or due to the deformation of the foundation, or due to the temperature change caused by concrete expansion and contraction of the reasons, need to stay with construction joints and settlement joints, deformation joint, in these joints must be installed waterstop bring to prevent water leakage problems.

Water stop belt is mainly used for cast-in-place concrete in construction joints and deformation joints and concrete structure has become one of the basic engineering such as underground facilities, tunnels, aqueducts, dams, a liquid storage structures.

Two, technical standards

Waterstop dimensional tolerances, technical requirements, test method, inspection rules consistent with the people's Republic of China national standards GB18173.2-2000 is less than or equal to the rubber sealing belt is more than or equal to all the requirements.

Three, the physical properties of waterstop

No. project index
1 Hardness (shore A), degree 60°ņ5 60°ņ5 60°ņ5
2 tensile strength£¨MPa °› 15 12 10
3 Elongation at break£¨£• °› 380 380 380
4 Tensile compression
permanent deformation
70°ś*24h£¨£• °‹ 35 35 35
23°ś*168h,£• °‹ 20 20 20
5 tear strength 21.KN/m °› 30 25 30
6 Brittle temperature °ś °‹ -45 -40 -40
7 Hot air aging 31 70°ś*168h Hardness variation (shore A) degree °‹ +18 +8 -
tensile strength. MPa °› 12 10
Elongation at break, £• °› 300 300
100°ś*168h Hardness variation (shore A) degree °‹ - - +8
tensile strength MPa °› 9
Elongation at break £• °› 250
8 Ozone aging 50pphm:20£•.48h 2 levels 2 levels 0 levels
9 Rubber and metal bonding Section in elastic body

Note: 1, bonding of rubber and metal items are only suitable for the steel belt has sealing edge.
2, if there are other special needs, by agreement of both sides of supply and demand appropriate to increase the inspection items, such as according to user needs appropriate assessment mould test, but its mildew performance should be equal to or higher than grade 2.