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A bag made of polypropylene (PP) - made of raw materials for the processing of needle punched non-woven fabrics. In full consideration of mechanics of materials, water conservancy science, biology, botany, etc. many disciplines required under the premise against UV eco bag thickness, per unit mass, physical and mechanical properties, shape, fiber type, force, direction, geometric dimensions and permeable properties and meet the equivalent aperture of plant growth index were strict screening, with anti ultraviolet (UV), aging resistance, non-toxic, non combustion, gap does not extend, truly realize the zero pollution. Mainly used in the construction of flexible ecological slope. Eco bag greening protection of side slope, is the barren hills, mine rehabilitation, highway slope greening, bank revetment, river regulation in the important construction method

Eco - bag has excellent physical and chemical properties, is a nonwoven geotextile fabric (the main ingredient is by the production of special formula of the polymer, polypropylene) acupuncture into a network of high strength for in-plane stability of materials, according to geosynthetic Research (GRI) four acceleration test at 25 DEG C at air-water interface, the pressure 260kPa, the PP system engineering strength and life of more than 120 years; when the system of ecological bag according to the standard installation and complete coverage, life of up to 200 years above. Without the effects of chemicals in the soil to erosion of the special preparation materials can resist ultraviolet rays, will not change or decaying, non permanent degradation and be resistant to pest erosion, aging resistance, non-toxic, acid and alkali and salt corrosion and microbial decomposition, only the permeable and impermeable soil, to plant friendly and green vegetation; as the new slope component materials with the following environmental general fitness advantage:

Moisture resistance

Eco bags of raw materials do not absorb moisture, moisture will not damage the bag, and the bag will not be deformed, insoluble in contaminated liquid (Method EPA 9090 U.S. Department of environment).

Resistance to chemical corrosion (PH)

Extensive research tests show that the ecological bag for a certain concentration of acid and alkali chemicals have a strong resistance, can be used for the vast majority of solid and serious pollution sites.

Biodegradation and animal damage

Eco bag with special formula, does not support, does not absorb, not help fungi growth, not rot, not moldy, metamorphism. Eco bags will no longer be insect and animal digestion, will not become a tooth gnawing animals (mice and rats), termites, moths, beetles, whitebait moth food.

Anti high temperature and low temperature

Eco bag can withstand high temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius without melting, can withstand the minimum temperature of -40 degrees celsius.

Anti ultraviolet (UV)

Eco bag with carbon ink and other anti UV components.

Eco - bag is an important part of the flexible ecological slope engineering system, eco bags with target permeability through the filtering function of the soil, both to prevent filling material loss (mixture of soil and nutrients), and can realize the moisture in the soil of normal communication, the water needed for plant growth has been effective and timely supplement, very friendly to plant, make the plant through the bag body free growth. Root into the soil of foundation engineering, such as numerous root anchor completed the bag main body and again the stabilizing effect, the longer the time, has become increasingly strong, and further realization of the purpose built permanent stability of slope, greatly reduces the maintenance cost.

Ecological bag with special function requirements, its functional design is a necessary condition for the stability of the flexible slope structure.

Proof of equivalent aperture:

One, the aperture is too large (bag body, material is too thin)

A. bag quality was rain, water erosion will be a lot of loss, resulting in a unit weight is greatly reduced, the original mechanical design value has changed greatly, the mechanical structure is destroyed.

B. bags are very easy to drain the water under the water, the settlement greatly exceeds its natural sedimentation rate, and the original design scheme does not match, resulting in the collapse.

Two, the aperture is too small (too thick bags of material)

A. can hinder the formation of vegetation growth and root elongation, which seriously affect the stability of the flexible slope.

B. the bag body in certain specifications, the weight of the bag is fixed value in the design of the mechanical structure of the flexible slope, aperture size is too small, the permeability decreased. Large amounts of water infiltration and the unit weight of greatly enhanced. The original by increases the value of the force structure, cause the structural deformation and collapse.

C. the hydrostatic pressure of the slope will increase and the slope will collapse.

Its advantages are:

Slope engineering, this new type of material, can completely replace the stone, cement and other materials, can significantly reduce the cost of the project. After the construction of the slope with vegetation cover surface, so that the slope of the excavation to achieve the effect of green, the formation of natural ecological slope. With the permeable and impermeable soil filtering function, so that the formation of the slope with high permeability, soil loss, local mud (soil) stone flow and slope collapse and has a strong role of door and stability, can become the permanent natural stable slope.

Its application field is

Ecological restoration and environmental protection

1 the two sides of the river: the natural environment of the coexistence of human and wildlife

2. Open pit mine recovery, comprehensive utilization of coal waste, remediation Sciences subsidence area, greening of barren hills, gas purification, to create the ecological restoration of mine, barren hills and green complex in new era.

3 sea shore lake, surface landslide, culvert hole, drainage ditch, soil erosion, irrigation system, slope stability.

Infrastructure and clean energy saving

1 bridge, railway, highway, embankment slope protection.

2 noise proof wall

Commercial housing and harmonious zone

1 Roof garden style green, vertical greening, garden art, etc..

2 military facilities and emergency flood control levees, bunkers, etc..

3 constructed wetland

Design specifications and parameters
Plane size range:81.5cm * 44.0cm, 46.0cm * 81.5cm, 52.0m * 83.0cm, 46.0cm * 118.0cm (according to the design and engineering need to be ordered)
Fabric weight range: 110g, 125g, or 150g (can be customized)
The fabric tensile strength: more than 0.650kN/m
Fabric elongation: less than 50%
Calculation formula of the volume of the ecological bag forming:
Length = length of the ecological bag - (12~15) cm,
Width = width *0.7
Height = the height of the ecological bag *0.4
For example: outside diameter specifications for the 115*52 bag, the soil after the specification is about the length of 100cm, width 36cm, height 21cm (ecological bag specifications and soil forming specifications, can be designed according to the actual requirements. Allowable maximum deviation is 8%)
Technical index of ecological bag material
Currently in our country for Eco bags there is no national or industry standard, Jiuding eco bags using imported materials, sewing, the physical properties of reach and exceed our non-woven geotextile material of national standards. 17639-1998 GB/T for reference.

  Tensile strength Fracture elongation Tear strength
parameter long wide Height after filling vertical transverse vertical transverse vertical transverse
Eco bag 97cm 43cm 16cm 419N 589N 67% 55% 246N 172N
Eco bag 112cm 51cm 16cm 419N 589N 67% 55% 246N 172N
Engineering button       26.5Mpa 42%    
  Anti ultraviolet strength retention rate£¨500h)  
parameter Equivalent aperture  vertical transverse Mass per unit area Puncture strength bending strength Impact strength of simply supported beam Shear stress
Eco bag 0.18mm 75% 80% 120g/m2 342N      
Eco bag 0.18mm 75% 80% 120g/m2 342N      
Engineering button   93% 2275120g/m2   36.5MPa 18.0 Kj/m2 2524N