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Flexible ecological bag

In full consideration of mechanics of materials, water conservancy science, biology, botany, etc. many disciplines required under the premise, to eco bags thickness, per unit mass, physical and mechanical properties, shape, fiber type, force, direction, geometric size and permeability and meet plant growth of the equivalent aperture and other indicators of strict screening, with anti ultraviolet (UV), anti aging, non-toxic, non combustion, gap does not extend, truly realize the zero pollution.

Eco bag with target permeability through the filtering function of the soil, both to prevent filling material loss (mixture of soil and nutrients), and can realize the moisture in the soil of normal communication, the water needed for plant growth has been effective and timely supplement, of plant non Chang Youshan, the plant through the bag body free growth. Root into the soil of foundation engineering, such as numerous root anchor completed the bag main body and again the stabilizing effect, the longer the time, has become increasingly strong, and further realization of the purpose built permanent stability of slope, greatly reduces the maintenance cost.

Ecological bag with special function requirements, its functional design is a necessary condition for the stability of the flexible slope structure.

Proof of equivalent aperture:

One, the aperture is too large (bag body, material is too thin)

A. bag quality being rain, water erosion will be great loss, caused by a unit of weight is greatly reduced, the plateau mechanical design value, great changes have taken place, mechanical structure is damaged.

B. bag easily in water erosion greatly erosion and subsidence range far beyond its natural sedimentation rate, and plateau design does not match, causing the collapse.

Two, the aperture is too small (too thick bags of material)

A. can hinder the formation of vegetation growth and root elongation, which seriously affect the stability of the flexible slope.

B. the bag body in certain specifications, the weight of the bag is fixed value in the design of the mechanical structure of the flexible slope, aperture size is too small, the permeability decreased. Large amounts of water infiltration and the unit weight of greatly enhanced. The plateau is affected by increases the value of the force structure, cause the structural deformation and collapse.

C. the hydrostatic pressure of the slope will increase and the slope will collapse.