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Geotechnical grid

The geotechnical grid is a new type of high strength composite material, which is popular at home and abroad. It is a three-dimensional mesh grid structure formed by the strengthening of HDPE sheet material and high strength welding. With retractile, transport may be collapsed, the construction can be a Lacheng mesh, fill in the dirt, gravel, concrete and other loose material, with strong lateral restrictions and the stiffness of the structure.

The company produces high strength geotechnical:

1, light material, abrasion resistance, stable chemical properties, photooxidation aging, acid and alkali, applicable to different soil and desert soil conditions.

2, high lateral limit and non slip, anti deformation, effectively enhance the bearing capacity of the subgrade and dispersion load.

3, changing the geometric size of the height and the distance between the soil and the working chamber can meet the different needs of the project.

4, flexible, small transport volume, easy connection, construction speed.

Company production of high-strength geocell can better play excellent performance of geocell in engineering, price of ordinary room 10 times higher than that of the tensile strength, better increased its stability of foundation engineering, while the elongation almost reduced 10 fold.